Sunday, April 17, 2005

Let's Get It Started

Here in Seattle in the perfect northwest fog and rain. The W Hotel is the sweetest thing ... oh wait, "sweet" is not cool anymore ... what's that new word my kid came home from school last week ... oh, yeah, "beast!" ... so the W is vachement beast, I must say.

I'm swooning around listening to iPod tunes and hiding under a big old duvet ... jetlaggy as heck ... and trying to get it together after a big workout that resulted in no church, but a big nap instead.

I do love hip-hop and some of the lyrics just get me so nutty as a writer. The language is down and dirty and real. I love the "Locked Up" lyrics by Akon ... where he's grunting through this lovely beat and rhyme about wanting to get out of prison.

How can you lose with lyrics like:

Locked up
they won't let me out.
And I had a long day in court
stressed me out.
Won't give me a bail
They can't get me out.
now I'm headed to the County ...

The walls
is grey.
The clothes
is orange.
The phone
is broke.
The food
is garbage.