Wednesday, April 06, 2005

About The Reuters Panel: Holmes

Paul Holmes did a brilliant job as the panel moderator, chief lion tamer of the diverse blogging and journalism talent there last night.

He and I got an hour the day before to chat, so I wanted to recount some of the things we discussed there. First of all, we didn't miss the Merrill Brown, Abandoning The News facts, figures and worrisome future sketched out in this amazing document.

He knows everything about the fact that younger audiences are NOT reading daily newspapers and not watching network news. The fact in the report that the average age of print newspaper reader is 53, didn't surprise him either. His suggestion that we should be thrilled blogging is creating a new way for young people to read and learn about politics, as well as other beats, is spot on.

We knocked around the idea as well that blogging and reality TV seem to have something in common. We haven't come to a conclusion if that's good or bad.