Monday, March 07, 2005

Stonecipher Was Brought In To Improve Ethical Standards

Ouch! This has to be the biggest irony of them all. Stonecipher is being asked to step down as Boeing CEO today, related to an extramarital affair with an employee and originally, they brought him in 2003 to turn things around after another ethical scandal. Hmmm .... listen to his statement in 2003:
In one of his first statements as CEO, Stonecipher Monday morning sought to reassure investors that Condit's resignation would not prevent Boeing from reclaiming the top market position in commercial jet sales.

"We need to strengthen our reputation with our customers, employees, investors and the communities in which we operate. Lew and I, and the entire board, are determined that the events of the last year no longer obscure the company?s strengths or distract us from what we need to do. Boeing is a great company with tremendous capabilities to define the future in each of our markets and deliver consistent, profitable growth," said Stonecipher.
I added the boldface type to "strengthen our reputation." Check out the Business Week link here for more into.