Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lavender Raincoat

I was in bed this morning thinking of spring. And trying to remember if we had spring last year, or, if like this year, it will last about 3 days and then it will just be uncomfortably hot and humid.

And I was at a loss to remember what I wore last spring -- or what anyone wears in spring -- I've been so bundled up in wool sweaters and long johns and winter boots and all for so long, since October, I don't remember what people wear when it gets above 32 degrees F or 0 degrees C.

Oh yeah, I thought, I have a lavender raincoat. And pink rain boots.

And then I thought, Oh great, Spring, I remember, that's when they replace the piles of slush with piles of mud and it's a big rainy mess.

And Easter is when you wear a much too thin pastel dress and some silly hat. And it snows.

I'm afraid I'm not feeling too cheery about spring.