Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ant 0 - Halley 1

In this switch from spring to winter, with much water flowing into the ground, we have visitors -- ANTS! I hate them. The big ones who look like they are carrying big white canvasses on their shoulders (okay a little shred of paper) and seem to be helping someone move their wares out of a gallery in Soho. (Okay, a piece of bread from my kitchen floor.)

The Easter candy didn't help.

But one had the audacity and nerve to actually jump up on my keyboard and I nearly got him somewhere between QWERT and Y, but then rethought my strategy, lured him off the alphabet and as he approached my mouse pad, gave him a mightly THWACK!

"I win! You lose!" yells I as I saw his rumpled body yield to my wrath.