Thursday, March 03, 2005

All The Old Familiar Faces

At the Harvard Faculty Club last night, as we kicked off the "Whose News? Media, Technology and The Common Good" conference, it was fun to see some of the old familiar faces. Jay Rosen, Jeff Jarvis, David Weinberger and I were holding up the blogging front admirably I think. Missed seeing Susan Mernit who should show this morning.

Here's the background on the conference which starts today and ends Saturday. It's sponsored by the Media Center and hosted by the Neiman Foundation for Journalism.

If it's going to be another Halo 2 MSM Journalists v. The Bloggers Melee, I hope we're packing better weapons. Just kidding, just kidding ... I'm sure it will be a veritable U.N. of consensual intellectual exploration and some serious play. I met some lovely people last night at the opening cocktail party and can't wait to get to know them better.

When I left I noticed, oddly, I had eaten one strawberry and drunk one glass of water. Hmmm. Just too busy talking I guess.