Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Last night I had to meet someone for dinner and left my place at 6:00PM. When I walked out the door at 6:00 ... like 6:00 in the evening ... it was still LIGHT OUT.


So, despite the piles and piles of snow around here, there is the faintest suggestion that it might be spring eventually.

I still don't quite believe it. It's still slushy, bone-chilling, crappy, icey, snowy winter, but there is some hope it's about to change.

I remember an April a few years back here in Boston where we had snow in the second week of the month and then one week later, I remember because it was right around tax day, we had a 85 degree beach weather day. This place is nuts.

What I'm really sick of is what I can the SWADDLING -- wrapping and wrapping and wrapping yourself up in layers and layers and layers of clothes. And the winter baby fat that your body seems to add on, just to give you another layer.

And the lost gloves -- one gone and one remaining -- but it's just too late in the season to buy new ones. And the hats -- making your hair look like something a squirrel would make a nest in. And the boots, bending down to lace or buckle them and your fingers are freezing. And the dry skin -- dry to the point of cracking and bleeding often enough. And the overheated houses, so if you weren't dried out enough because of the cold weather, the heat will dessicate you further. And the sick people, coughing all over you.

Hey!?! What happened to the woman who was raving about how much she loved winter and snow and skiing?!? Well, I guess I've had ENOUGH!!!!