Friday, February 25, 2005

Who's Wendy?!? or Why I Love Blogging

When I want to get right down to it in my writing -- I number things. I do it in email all the time, because I think people are very messy in email and never create enough white space so you can scan email fast.

So here goes.

1. I wrote a post the other day here called "About Face";

2. It was about going on a skiing trip and forgetting to pack my make-up;

3. My poet friend Matthew says all my writing has a subject and more importantly a "revealed subject" -- in other words, I start writing about one thing, but I'm getting deep into something else completely, don't be fooled;

4. The "revealed subject" of my post about wearing no make-up was questioning who I am, who we are, what we really look like at important intimate times in our lives and what "naked" means;

5. I wrote about other times when I wore no make-up: giving birth to my son, making love;

6. Here's the IMPORTANT PART and why I love blogging; as soon as I wrote it, I got the most amazing comments -- I consider them just as important and creative a piece of art as the creative writing I did.

7. Blogging is a COLLABORATIVE ART, my post is all well and good, but nothing without the comments -- read them and I think you'll agree -- they make what I wrote 100X better. This is what is exciting about this new medium;

8. The first comment (from Anonymous) is a story about seeing a weathercaster (woman) at a TV station without her make-up on and the storyteller writes wonderfully about it. I loved that comment because I gave him a story and he gave me a story -- another thing I love about blogging. "You show me yours, I'll show you mine" I call it.

9. The other comments from Jessica and Melanie were terrific too and then THERE WAS WENDY.

10. Go read it. There was the most delicious comment by someone named WENDY.

11. And after I read it, I said, "Who's Wendy?!?" since I know a few Wendys and I wondered if the Wendy I know (who's been recently engaged to a swell guy) wrote that comment -- lucky girl if so!

12. A day later, I went to Circuit City with my friend (the same as above) Matthew and we were looking for the MVP Baseball video game and we went over to the laptop area and I pulled up my blog on a Sony Vaio demo model there and I told him to read the post, "About Face" because he hadn't had a chance to read it.

13. He turned to me in the PC aisle and his only comment was ... 'WHO'S WENDY?!?'