Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Valentine Studio

Doesn't this look fun? Daily Candy delivers per usual, with this cool link.
She's there somewhere. Your inner crafty girl.

She's just waiting until you have enough space in your apartment to set up a clutter-free area where you can knit, make jewelry, and create custom stationery to your heart's content.

Because that's probably going to happen really soon. Sometime right after hell freezes over.

But there's no reason to let real estate constraints keep her captive. Not when Spark Craft — a new crafts studio and boutique — has just opened, and is every bit as cozy and plush as your most stylish chum's living room. It's more of a grown-up play area than a store — with all the space you need (not to mention supplies, tools, inspirational samples, books, etc.) to keep you inventing and creating for hours on end. It's also ideal for a girls' night out, since Spark is happy to host parties. So bring friends. Bring snacks. Bring a latte.
Put Spark Craft in your "Fun Things To Do In Boston" folder.