Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Something Andrew Sullivan Said

On Charlie Rose today, Andrew Sullivan said something perfect and true and inspiring about blogging being so intimate, but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was ... give me a little time here, it will all come back to me.

He also said how hard it is to still be really personal and "real" on a blog like we all used to be in the old days. This has been bugging me a lot lately, that it's harder and harder to let my hair down and just talk about my real life. Thing is, my real life is rather unreal!

Since more people think I'm quite chatty here and seem open to talking about EVERYTHING, they expect that I am quite the tell-all girl, but believe you me, there's so much I don't feel okay writing about.

If I write about people I know who are friends and slightly famous, I sound show-offy and violate their privacy.

If I write about my kid, there's a chorus of people telling me he'll be so pissed off later when he grows up and reads it.

If I write about my ex ... well, not a good idea.

If I write about my lovers ... well, no kiss and tell, unless I dress them up in interesting disquises.

If I write about bald men, hirsuite men get annoyed with me.

If I write about animals, insects flame me for equal coverage.

If I write about the IRS, they're so vain, they get all pushy and ask me to write more about them ... well, not exactly.

If I write about Visa, Mastercard gets all hot and bothered.

If I write about RSS, Atom gets mad.

If I write about Adam, Eve's got her panties in a twist. (Wait, she's got no panties ...)

If I write about you, your friend sulks because I didn't write about them.