Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Shelley Has Spoken

I appreciated Shelley Power's (aka Burningbird) comment about Carly Fiorina over here at Tom Peters' site.

I'm cutting and pasting below:
> Fiorina's tenure at HP was remarkable for the amount
> of contention there was between her and the Board
> and her and practically everyone who represented the
> HP culture. I thought her aquisition of Compaq was
> foolish, and it's only lately that the company has
> started to recover, but it lost much of its printer
> niche with this little foray into Dellhood.
> She's a tough, shrewd, strong person who had her own
> ideas, and I wouldn't surprised if she doesn't get
> offered another position with a top company
> relatively quickly.
> However, I have no doubts that her leaving the
> company has nothing to do with her being a women,
> publications referencing her uniqueness as a woman
> among men aside. She was just too strong and too
> savvy to get canned for being a woman.
> That aside, I found the following to be
> disappointing and sexist:
> Women = record keepers
> Women + too much technology = frustration
> Women + simple technology + efficiency + reasonable
> price = a home run for whichever company dreams it
> up first.
> Might as well say that women make good librarians,
> and are afraid of technology. Nothing like promoting
> stereotypes that many of us are trying to eliminate,
> or at least, highlight as stereotypical behavior.
> Why not say, HP needs pink printers with cute little
> sequins on them and be done with it.
> I think we'll find that both men and women prefer
> efficient technology and good price and value. And
> that there are men, as well as women, who don't want
> overly complicated technology associated with their
> printers.