Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Good Old Days

It's laughable that I've been blogging all of ... well since 2002 ... maybe 3 years ... and now it feels like I've been doing this for a small eternity and there is something called "the good old days" of blogging, back a LONG TIME AGO, like 2 years ago when no one was reading blogs except our fellow blogger friends and we did stupid shit because we didn't care, like long runon sentences ... maybe like THIS ONE and we wrote a lot of posts about every darned thing in the whole wide world, we could give a hoot.

Anyway, I was thinking today and have been thinking for days and days and days since watching that Charlie Rose interview with Wonkette, Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan and Joe Trippi, about something they said -- about something Andrew Sullivan most elegantly articulated. He had a certain melancholy for the old days when we just posted any old thing and we FELT FREE to blog everything and there wasn't a sense of having to be self-editing or guarded about your opinions to avoid being shot down or flamed or the center of an email flood or spammed with nasty or pornographic comments. He's right to lament that. It's a shame we have this open and free medium that's getting closed down and overexposed.

I think that's another of the attractive features of podcasting -- it's harder to rip you to shreds over an audio opinion, as compared to a written blog post which is easy to copy and even easier to copy out of context and flame. Podcasting gives us better "cover" and we migrate towards that freedom once again.