Saturday, February 19, 2005

Dave: Golf Yes

Dave Winer asks if he should learn to play golf.

First, a disclaimer, I'm not a golfer ... I've played a little but I'm really not any good. I'm a novice.

My suggestion: Yes, yes, good thing to learn.

Why? Actually the few times I've played I really liked the following aspects of golf.

They give you a course that is unpredictable, each hole from 1 - 18 has complicated geographic problems to solve and seasoned players say even playing the same course over and over still presents challenges. So it's always "new" as a problem.

The other awesome thing. They give you this bag of tools -- all the different clubs, each suited to a certain purpose. They all have cool names like Giant Niblicks and other weird ones.

And so you have a changing landscape and a weird set of tools, which you have to have the smarts to pick correctly in order to win.

Sound like programming?!? New problems to solve and new tools to solve them with. Last I checked, that sounded like your idea of a fun thing to do.

Also, if you can resist all the driving around in carts, it's a really good way to spend a lot of time WALKING. We know you love to walk.

And the girls wear saddleshoes and really cute outfits, little flippy pleated short skirts and then they spend a lot of time bending over -- I mean, come on, Winer, what's not to like?!?