Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sucking Red Grapefruit In The Middle Of The Night

I'm in my kitchen, back after a week away in Seattle, to this very icy Boston, sucking down red grapefruit in the middle of night.

I'm an absolute disaster at jetlag, I'll never know why. I went to bed here around 9:00pm and slept until 3:30am. If I were on Pacific Standard Time, as I should be, I'd have no business going to sleep then at all.

Or maybe I've jumped right back into my regular weird sleep habits. I mean, heck, when I'm home on my regular schedule I'm up at 3:45am often as not, sucking down red grapefruit in the middle of the night.

How did this fruit get here anyway? Is it also jetlagged? Did it travel from far away -- must have, since the only thing growing on the trees around here is ice cubes.

Is it from Florida like Buzz and Rod? Is it from Texas like Adam? Maybe from sunny California like Doc? Miss my blogging buddies. I wonder if Scoble is awake. Midnight 47 in Seattle, I'll bet he is.