Saturday, January 22, 2005

Reading Worthwhile

Well, it's pretty fun to read YOUR OWN MAGAZINE on a plane from Boston to Seattle. With the deadlines and delay, you write something weeks in advance and by the time it's out you forget what the heck you wrote.

So, I had a copy of the new issue of Worthwhile in my knapsack as I grabbed the plane, together with the new Dan Pink book, A Whole New Mind -- my next book to review for Worthwhile -- Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead (fun reading since I'd never read it), When We Were Grown-ups by Anne Tyler (to start after finishing Rand which I did last night), my diary, my presentation for the Blog Biz Summit, my Tarot cards.

I got to catch up with all my pals here and Kevin Salwen, your piece about how to get people out of your office was so frigging funny I nearly choked on the aeronautical trail mix or whatever the hell they fed us last night. David W, liked your thing about appropriate behavior in the office -- am I the woman with the too wild hairdo (dread!)?! And Kate Yandoh, your tips on how to make a business trip more fun and productive were way good. And here I thought it was all about dragging home as much hotel soap as possible.

And did I mention we had a three hour delay in Boston in that lovely 0 degrees temp ... I was terrified they would send us back home, but we finally took off about 9:00pm instead of the scheduled 6:00.