Sunday, December 19, 2004

Worthwhile In The Washington Post

Nice to see us in the Washington Post. Of course, that depends on whether you're registered.
Kevin Salwen and Anita Sharpe love their jobs.

You would certainly hope so, because they are the editors of Worthwhile, a new business magazine aiming to inspire us to love our own jobs. "Work with Purpose, Passion and Profit," the cover promises. What exactly should that mean to the masses of frustrated cubicle-dwellers?

Salwen and Sharpe hope it means not settling for the dull, oppressive and ordinary when there are opportunities out there to really thrive, for people to contribute to something bigger than their pile of credit card debt. They want people to know they have choices.

They have certainly strived to make the most of their options. Dissatisfied with the modern business magazine, the two veteran financial journalists instead modeled Worthwhile on social and personal magazines, such as O, Oprah Winfrey's magazine. Cross Fast Company with Real Simple, and you have Worthwhile. It's a very personal take on life at work that goes beyond the usual metrics of how we measure success. It bypasses the scales of fat paychecks, opulent offices and fancy titles in favor of one simple question: Do you enjoy what you do?