Saturday, December 11, 2004

Tom Peters Reimagine Summit

The ride up to Vermont was rainy and a little rotten weather-wise, but a ton of fun as my friend Erik Hansen and Cathy Mosca, because he had his iPod all set up and we were arguing about SHUFFLE.

I hate the idea of SHUFFLE.

It messes up all the songs on an album -- I know I'm being old-fashioned here -- but I LIKE the songs in order.

Sing me The Beatles Eight Days of the Week and I can STILL sing you the next cut on the album -- sick, eh?

Anyway, the two of them actually made me reconsider -- REIMAGINE FOR CHRISSSAKES -- and by the end of the ride (they didn't drug, although one can never be sure) I was really into SHUFFLE.

As they said, it makes the music suddenly seem awfully fresh and you reconsider it in a new context. The two troublemakers.

More soon.