Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tom Peters' Reimagine Summit Recap

It's taking me some time to download all my thoughts about this incredible weekend event I attended -- Tom Peter's Reimagine Summit -- at the Equinox in Manchester Vermont.

It was simply terrific and the best part ... take no offense Tom ... is that as wonderfully inspiring and energetic and brilliant as Tom is (and was all weekend) ... the attendees were so superlative that any one of us could have been a speaker at any conference and knocked everyone's socks off.

This meant the dinner party on Saturday Night was so incredibly WEIRDLY FUN, because you found yourself in a party situation where nearly every single person in the room was wonderfully interesting, engaging, funny, charming -- it was an embarrassment of riches.

I like parties as much as the next guy, but usually at a party, there is a bit of a bell curve of people I like, people I don't like, people somewhere in between and of course, people getting drunk and breaking furniture ... just kidding, but you get the drift. Frankly, I spend some good part of most parties weaving in and out of rooms searching out the few kindred spirits I want to talk to and avoiding people I don't really want to talk to. There. I said it, I told the truth.

The truly AMAZING experience at the party Saturday night was how wonderful everyone was. If you were In Search of Partying Excellence, you hit the jackpot.