Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Sex Is A Many Splendored Scene

So these rats in the UK have given Tom Wolfe a prize for “Worst Sex Scene Writing” but honestly, I gotta say – YOU TRY IT! Writing about sex is no piece of cake.

Check this out.

Writing and especially PACING sex scenes is tough. All those limbs to account for, that unruly penis, the welcoming and hopefully, splashy vagina, the Barry White background music, the pillows, the KY Jelly on the nightstand, the candles, the baby oil, yikes!

I've written a number of sex scenes, and even the problem of running out of synonyms will really trip you up. I mean, no offense boys, but there are just so many thrusting cocks a reader can tolerate. Equally, girls, throbbing bosoms can throb for only so long.

In this post I wrote, Alone But Not, just two weeks ago, I was going nuts trying to name that place above your butt crack and at the base of your spine where your kidney indents are ... and a reader helped me out with the exact terminology which I have since forgotten, it was something like ... posterior interior sacral illiac spinal dimples ... hardly a turn-on. I mean can you imagine shimmying over to your lover in bed and saying, "Hey Big Boy, my posterior interior sacral illiac spinal dimples long for your touch!" Good grief.