Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Newsweek Issues 2005: Alpha Bloggers

So, I'm in Steven Levy's piece about Alpha Bloggers in Newsweek here:
... the alpha bloggers spread concepts like Typhoid Marys. "They're movers, salesmen and connectors," says Searls.

They're also hard workers. In order to crack into the upper strata, you have to post frequently to stay on the fickle radar of this ADD-infested crowd. It certainly helps to be an excellent writer, like Halley Suitt, one of the few female alphas in the tech blogosphere. You have to link prodigiously to other blogs, increasing your profile and increasing the chances for inbound links. And you have to actually form strong opinions about what you're writing about—passion is required in a good blog.

But I'm not in the paper US version of Newsweek, but I am in the paper international version of Newsweek and keep hearing from friends and colleagues from far-flung locations like Peru and the UK who've read this piece.