Thursday, December 30, 2004

Cheaty Cheater

Okay, I'll come clean, I cheated the times on these posts -- did you notice? I change the times to be able to put the posts in a certain order. It's something Dave Winer showed me, although he has a WAY better tool -- his outliner -- which he uses to publish his blog in a certain order that makes sense. He's a great blogger and a great teacher. I appreciate everything I've learned from him -- he's a master.

What I am doing today is pre-dating posts (by using the earlier times which you can change in your blogging software choices). For instance the top picture post I did put up there on purpose cause it's so pretty. Then I posted at the actual time listed the thing about "Barlow Day" but then I pre-timed the posts below it that say 7:30am, 7:29am, 7:28am, etc. See? Those are cheaty times -- phony times -- which let me put the posts in a reasonable order.

Otherwise, each new thought would be ABOVE the last, since that's the way blogs publish. But I wanted to say this day had a theme -- Barlow -- and then put a bunch of ideas BELOW that header.

I usually don't cheat the times unless I want to organize the page in a specific way. You can tell when I'm doing it if you REALLY watch closely throughout the day, because a new post will appear below the earlier ones instead of above.

Sometimes I write stuff at the frigging crack of dawn (like 3:00am) and even I'm embarrassed to admit I was up so early, so I'll save it in draft form and republish later at a reasonable (cheated, edited) time like 7:00am. I get so many emails and off-hand remarks from friends and family about getting up at such ungodly hours, I've had to do this so they'll just stop teasing me.