Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Brand Blur

I love Andrew Sullivan and his blog, but what's with the multiple authors all of a sudden? It makes me nervous, reading something I think is HIS writing, only to get to the end and realize it's someone else's writing. His brand is all about HIS writing, not anyone else's commentary.

I know we all need a break sometimes, but I think one thing about blogs that really matters is keeping the one author's voice the ONLY voice on the blog, unless it's a group blog.

I know when I read Boing Boing (a group blog) it might be a number of people including Xeni or Cory or others, but when I read Andrew Sullivan, call me crazy, but I want to READ Andrew Sullivan. I'd rather he blog less frequently if it's tough to be so prolific (and I know it must be) than substitute other writers.