Friday, December 10, 2004

Berkman Conference: Harvard Kennedy School of Govt, JFK Forum

The event last night at Harvard KSG set up by Berkman featuring Michael Turk, Joe Trippi and Kathleen Matthews was quite a magnet for bloggers. We were all there in full force.

I got to see a pile of my favorites, Dave Winer, John Palfrey, Micah Sifry, Jeff Jarvis, Michael Feldman, Joey DeVilla, Jay Rosen, David Weinberger, Rebecca MacKinnon, Britt Blaser,Wendy Koslow, Scott Heiferman, Chris Lydon, Stowe Boyd and Joe Trippi. (Sorry if I forgot to mention you. Email me, I'll fix it. )

Needless to say, the link above to Weinberger is to get you over to JOHO, where David blogged the most excellent coverage of the evening.
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