Friday, November 19, 2004

Wired November 2004

Got a chance to really read Wired cover to cover yesterday on the flight home from San Francisco. Seemed the appropriate reading material for such a trip to the Bay Area. Great stuff about Creative Commons, don't miss it and also a terrific CD of music to "rip, sample, mash, share" as they put it.

Okay, here's the thing -- as the New York Times discussed on Wednesday when they profiled all the Silicon Valley leaders being interviewed by Charlie Rose to talk about the upturn in business there, concurrently with Carly Fiorina announcing great earnings at HP, things feel MUCH MORE BULLISH there.

I was actually in meetings at HP HQ a few doors down from the room they seemed to be setting up for the Fiorina announcement and press conference. Much hustle, much bustle. The feeling feels good. Best feeling I've felt there in a long time and I've been visiting the area (probably two or more times a year) since 2000 when I lived in California.

I was there for a conference when I worked at Harvard Business School Publishing in 2002 that took place in Cupertino and the business climate at that point was NOT bullish, I can tell you that.

The Wired CD I'm listening to is good. The David Byrne cut My Fair Lady and Gilberto Gil's Oslodum are -- NO SURPRISE -- really cool. Liking a bunch of the other songs too.