Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I'm very thankful for my ex and all his kindness and love for me and my son. That may sound ironic, but it's not, and the less we're married the better we get along. He's a good man. And as if my kid didn't have enough aunts and uncles on my side of the family, he has a whole slew more thanks to his dad's big family. I'm so thankful he's got a wonderful grandmother, Lai, who loves him like crazy, a terrific Auntie Mui who's a gifted teacher, a kind and considerate Auntie Mae who is amazingly creative and makes beauty whereever she goes -- especially with cool clothes, coats and backpacks she buys my kid -- one excellent Uncle Roy who is amazing when it comes to building, mechanical smarts, just plain get-it-done ability -- my son never stops raving about his uncle -- and also the awesome Aunt Myra who is apparently too cool to describe according to her nephew and hosts wonderful family events and is just swell.