Friday, November 12, 2004

Skating On Thin Ice

Took the plunge and signed up for skating at the local rink. We have a terrific rink but it's kind of expensive, and I didn't want to sign up and find that we didn't even have the time to skate.

Yesterday was a vacation day from school and I spent a lot of time skating yesterday and it was just totally fun.

Good way to spend time with my son -- he's dumping figure skating lessons and going with hockey this year -- I wanted him to know how to really skate before he started wielding a stick.

So we can spend a lot of time together blading up the ice. It's the best. They play corny music, but still there's something lovely and relaxing and calming about gliding around and around and around and around.

Two girls were peeking at him from outside the rink at the far corner of the ice stadium. I asked him, "hey, do you know those girls?" He looked over. They saw him looking. They burst into giggles and ran off. I think my kid has some fans.