Tuesday, November 16, 2004

NCWIT Just Too Cool

Well, these meetings here in Palo Alto have been so much fun. Do you mind if I tell you every detail?

So the NCWIT is the National Center for Women and Information Technology, but you knew that already right?

So you thought maybe it's only full of women and there were not a load of terrrifc, smart, sexy alpha male members of NCWIT? You'd be way wrong. But I must say the women folk are seriously cool too.

So yesterday morning they pick us up in a super cool leather benches on each side van with champagne glasses -- no champagne actually -- and this van his a BIG video screen and they show us a terrific video called "I'm An Engineer" about brilliant girl geeks which Cisco produced. If you thought guy geeks were cool (and I do) you will love these girl geeks. I'll try to get it posted here so you guys can see it..

And that was just the beginning of the day. The van was taking us from our hotel to HP headquarters where we are having meetings, most graciously hosted by HP and the Anita Borg Foundation. In the lobby, like the Hard Rock Cafe, there were glam photos -- headshots of the stars -- the real folks -- Hewlett, Packard and Fiorina -- talk about hot. . I was privately so turned on!

I was in a holy place -- believe you me -- because I bought a new HP printer fax scanner copier about a month ago, that also lets me slip my digital camera disk in to make pix and I'm wild for it. And nobody is twisting my arm or
paying me to say nice things. I'm just plain wild for HP.