Monday, November 08, 2004

Incredibles: Incredible Movie From Incredible Pixar

Really enjoyed The Incredibles this weekend, but there's so much more going on with it than the label "great kid's movie" might suggest ... or "family fun" or whatever the hell it is they use to market it.

It spends no small amount of time showing:

1. how a man's life and career can hit the skids in middle-age and he can feel all dressed up with no place to go;

2. how a woman's life is all about stretching (Elastic Girl as the Mom is superb) and sacrifice and compromise even for a superheroire;

3. how a marriage works and how hard it is to keep it working;

4. how hard it is to be true to yourself and your talents and your own values;

5. how working for a corporation makes you want to ram your boss through a few walls some days (as the progtagonist in The Incredibles does, incredibly);

6. how letting your children become self-actualized -- find and own and demonstrate their unique strength -- is tough for parents;

7. how a really fine bunch of writers and animators and graphic artists can use animation to go WAY beyond telling Bambi;

8. how fucking fantastic Pixar is;

9. how the dynamics of a family are always interesting and unexpected;

10. how good and evil still is the best story in town.