Thursday, November 25, 2004

Hanging Out In The Center

So Tim clued me in to what was going on Wednesday at noon in the center of our town. There were massive numbers of teenagers hanging out because school was a half day. Apparently according to him, the middle school teachers actually tell the kids in his class, DON'T go to the center and hang out and "loiter" -- so as he astutely points out -- that only encourages more kids to go hang out in town.

I noticed it because it's hard to even walk down the street with so many teens hanging. Weird thing is -- I kind of like them -- they are cool, like cool music, dress in a cool way -- I think the teachers don't like them because the teachers are boring and kindof a drag.

So anyway, the real inside scoop is that if you live within walking distance of town -- you don't go "hang there" like it's a field trip or something -- if you live nearby you can go there any time you want -- so the hanger-outters are kids who don't live near town. Very interesting.