Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day: Not So Early Bird

Up at 5:30am -- not that early for me -- but I stayed up late to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for the first time EVER. Very funny show. I liked his opening monologue about (I paraphrase): "I make fun of politicians for a living. Please vote tomorrow and make my job really HARD. Make my next four years really really tough."

Lying in bed, I'm trying to psych myself up to go to the polls when they open at 7:00 ... I may make it. It's in walking distance and the rain hasn't started. I have to be somewhere by 9:00 ... not sure if the lines will be too long.

The radio flips on ... "NPR Morning Edition ... (theme music) ta-ta-da-da ta-ta-ta-da" ... I get up, they say "The time is 6:00am, support for NPR comes from ... This is Morning Edition ..." I'm making the bed. Making the bed keeps you from going back to bed. It works. No place to go.

I stumble into the kitchen. Pour a glass of OJ "The weather forecast today on Election Day: partly cloudy this morning with showers this afternoon, highs only in the 50's. Temperature now 44 degrees in Boston."

"Bush is in his ranch now in Crawford, Texas." Flip on the tea kettle. "Kerry starts the day in Wisconsin, then flies home mid-day to Boston to vote and eat lunch at the Union Oyster House -- chowder and oysters -- a tradition for Mr. Kerry."

Gotta go.