Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Don't Make Me Name Names

So the NCWIT meetings had a terrific crew of people to begin with, but now I've met a whole bunch of new folks who are terrific. Fun to chat with the charming Lindsey Duran from Google and spitfire Kellee Noonan from HP, not to mention the terrific Barbara Waugh also from HP, and how about the quietly impressive and generous Sean Kelly from Microsoft and I finally got to say hi to some of the Board Members like the plucky Brad Feld from Mobius Ventures and wry Michael Borrus from Petkevich & Ptnrs.

Poor Brad, I couldn't stop raving about Frans de Waal's book Chimpanzee Politics: Power and Sex Among Apes. Needless to say, being a venture capitallist he totally "got" what Professor de Waal had to say. His most wonderful brother was there too and didn't miss a beat. We had a serious consideration of how male apes work up to anger and confrontation over a predictable set of stages and tend to calm down and welcome other losing apes back into the game, as compared to female apes who can get insanely furious all of a sudden and afterwards might hold a grudge and have a burn all bridges attitude towards others. Whoa.

During the day of presentations, I also enjoyed meeting and listening to Nancy Ramsey who is dynamic, articulate and a serious go-getter and go-get-doner as well. Oh heck, I forgot to mention, the utlra cool Heidi Roizen was at the cocktail reception too -- enjoyed meeting here but never got enough talk time. And Michael, who was that lovely brainy woman with the good ideas about everything standing next to you -- the one I thought was your wife -- she was terrific.