Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Crazy Busy

What a day! There is so much to do between now and Thanksgiving. I'm doing a book review of Malcolm Gladwell's new book BLINK for the next issue of Worthwhile and got it in an Adobe PDF format (it's still in manuscript, to be published January 2005) to read just ... yesterday. I don't know what yesterday even is, as I stayed up way too late reading it -- it's great -- and then got up way to early to keep reading it.

Because I printed it on my trusty HP printer, it's loose pages, and it's all over my bed and things start getting crazy when it gets out of order.

So, this morning after reading from 3:30am until about 7:30am (with the bus about to arrive at 8:00am, my son wanting breakfast, the manuscript all over the bedroom), I dove into the bathtub fast, grabbed clothes to be dressed enough to go to the busstop. This included a bikini bottom under my jeans as I was not at all clear where actual standard panties happened to be hiding (in some basket of clean laundry somewhere) and a pink fur hat which covered my dripping wet hair.

Outside, there was a frosting of frost on everything -- it looked like those fancy sugar-dipped fruits -- and soon the same quaint look was coating my tendrils of blonde icy locks. I wore clogs and no socks ... whoops ... in the frosty morning bus line-up, hoping neighbors would not notice. I felt like some Club Med refugee or something, what with wet hair and bikini bottoms on below all the other layers and no socks.

And that was just the beginning of the day ... I can hardly describe the rest of the whirlwind day ... now to write a book review.