Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Unspinnable Bin Laden Tape

Now, I really don't know this for sure, but after a quick perusal of the TV news this morning (CNN and Headline News and local reports) on a Saturday, I get the feeling that each campaign is trying to spin the tape their direction, which may result in an virtual nullification of the whole thing.

The Democrats swear this proves Bush really blew it and Osama's the living proof of his ineptitude. The Republicans are certain that Osama's late appearance in the election will remind every security mom and dad of how we need Bush now more than ever.

The voter's reaction seems to be, "Butt out and leave us alone," as we're just fine tossing mud from red state to blue state without Osama joining the party.

But can I say a few words -- like "Boston Red Sox Parade" today -- and "Halloween" tomorrow -- I hate to diss the voting public, but I suspect they have other things on their minds. In fact, I like it that we have a big capacity to "bounce back" and ignore stuff that we can't do a damned thing about. This is the United States of America remember. It's the weekend -- let's party!

The Osama tape may slowly disappear from our TV screens and computer monitors like a badly-produced local Green Party candidate's tape about clear-cutting. Snore. He's not exactly got the appeal of Paris Hilton on video.

Interestingly, the one thing I thought it would bring about -- real fear of terrorism and concern on the part of voters -- it didn't do. I was out to dinner last night with (non-blogger) real people and they didn't seem too overwrought. Both Bush and Kerry did a fine job of telling us "Don't Worry!" and then the Homeland Security folks who raise the red, orange, green, blue and violet flags if someone so much as sneezes, also made it clear they could give a hoot about Osama -- the security level and corresponding paint color sample swatch didn't budge.

So, on Saturday morning with Red Sox and Halloween to get serious about, I say to Osama ... "And? Your point is?" unless he's got more to show for himself, he seems to have stepped into the middle of spin machine that has little time for his shenanigans.