Friday, October 15, 2004

Mary Cheney Redux

I've written about Mary Cheney before and how sick is for the Cheneys to pretend they support her but basically kept her in the closet during this campaign, in many ways. This recent flap does shows again how they feel she is shameful because she is a lesbian and so it's all coming home to roost now.

I can't say it better than Andrew Sullivan, who is not only a fine writer, but being gay should have the last word on it,
In many speeches on marriage rights, I cite Mary Cheney. Why? Because it exposes the rank hypocrisy of people like president Bush and Dick and Lynne Cheney who don't believe gays are anti-family demons but want to win the votes of people who do. I'm not outing any gay person. I'm outing the double standards of straight ones. They've had it every which way for decades, when gay people were invisible. Now they have to choose