Friday, October 22, 2004

Blogger Dinner

There was a heck of a showing last night at the Blogger Dinner here in Camden at Zaddick’s Pizza House. Big thanks to Buzz Bruggeman and Sherry Fowler for setting it up.

I know I’ll miss some folks, but it was great to see David Weinberger, Chris Shipley, Shel Israel, Ethan Zuckerman, Jerry Michaelski, Andrew Rasiej, Buzz Bruggeman, Brit Blaser, Renee Blodgett, Jeremy Wagstaff, Andrew Zolli, and a ton of other great folks.

It’s funny. I’m still getting people asking, “What’s Blogging?” and you would think by now it would not be a common question, especially in a community of writers and artists and techy folks as we have here at this conference. But … whatever … it’s kind of fun to talk about it and explain it one more time and also talk about how bloggers make money.

What I noticed as I explained it to someone the other night is that if I’d answered it a year ago, I would have had a different answer – that there are almost no ways for bloggers to make money, we do it for fun – but that’s begun to change and I can talk about Henry Copeland’s Blogads and Google Adwords and people doing speaking engagements and writing books and other fellowships and things that get many of us are now lucky enough to have thrown our way.