Thursday, September 09, 2004

Your New Life

At lunch yesterday at the Charles Hotel's Henrietta's ... I can never remember if it's Kitchen or Table ... anyway ... I had lunch with Jim McGee and we had a very interesting conversation about your new life.

Yes, yes, your new life.

It goes like this ... Tom Peters was right when he predicted way back in 1995 that something like 80% of all white collar jobs were going to disappear or change or evaporate.

So people are working very differently -- if they're working at all. (Think Pink: Free Agent, and Peters: Brand You, etc.)

And your new life doesn't let you be asleep at the switch. It's not one of these things where you put on a nice white shirt and good pants and a well-made jacket and get in your car, or the bus or the subway and show up at a place at 9:00am and then sit at your desk.

Your new life is really different. Truth be told, we don't know what the hell your new life looks like and neither do you.

That's the catch. We're in some weird anti-gravity chamber like brand new astronauts trying to learn how to walk on the moon. There's not a lot of terra firm in this new working world.

Sometimes you don't know where you stand -- and sometimes you have no where to stand.

It's a little terrifying, but Jim and I think a bunch of us need to talk about it and define it and help people figure out how to live this new life -- a new work life, a new home life, a new family life.

Maybe I'm just a weirdo but I don't know anyone anymore with a typical job, a typical home, a typical family.

Not one person.

We are all improvising and making it up as we go.

So I'll be writing about this more and since I'm going to help you figure out what your new life looks like by describing my new life, you should stay tuned. This will be a good little TV show I'm producing here.

When I was a kid I watched all TV upside down and I believe this was a very helpful posture.