Sunday, September 19, 2004

What The Hell Are You Guys Thinking?

It happened again. Another one of my women friends told me about a date with a new guy she likes at the movies this weekend and the guy didn't touch her the whole evening. Arrgggh!

You can't imagine how often I hear this. Okay, true there are some situations where you really need to and want to hold back, like very very early in a relationship, but come on, guys, don't you know we kindof like being pawed?!

We expect to be politely pawed. We're women. We're soft. We expect people might want to touch us. It's a compliment. And what if we are NOT wanting your attention. Well, we'll let you know that.

It's like one of those martial arts action movies -- you make the moves and we can certainly defend ourselves if we don't like your advances -- but hell, sometimes we want a little physical contact. We want to be politely pawed. What the hell are you taking us into the dark, feeding us sweets and showing us pictures of half naked people kissing for anyway -- if not to give us a hint?!? If we agreed to go to the movies with you, WE LIKE YOU! We want you to touch us.