Friday, September 24, 2004

Jumping Jupiter

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 24. "We are tuned into the spheres today and tomorrow, as Moon travels through Aquarius. This can be a deeply loving day, and at the same time it is active. Our ideals are stirred now, and we want to do something to help promote human rights. Just treating with loving consideration those people in our lives is a good start.

Late tonight, Jupiter enters Libra to begin a 13-month journey through that sign. Jupiter is about our beliefs and philosophies, and teaching or preaching them through the media, through higher mind institutions, such as law and education, or through foreign journeys. Jupiter is about relating to others through our beliefs. It is closely connected with spirit, and is the planet which guides specific religions. With Jupiter we can have faith in a higher power, and allow it to guide us. It is when we open to those higher realms, that Jupiter brings us the luck and success for which it is famous. We can do anything because we just know that we have help from the other side.

Libra is a social air sign. It is most comfortable with ideas, ideals, and with social discourse. It deals with and enjoys human relationships, and prefers them to be harmonious, although competition is also acceptable. With Jupiter here, we seek opportunities through cooperating—or maybe competing—with others. And we find success through partnerships and through all relationships. Negotiating and all kinds of wheeling dealing will thrive. Jupiter in Libra is excellent for working with the law, or even in the legal field. It’s also great energy for a politician. Both Bill Clinton and GW Bush have Jupiter in Libra. They both depend on a partner, Bill on Hillary, and Bush on Dick Cheney.

Jupiter brings us growth and expansion, and it will bring growth now to one-to-one relationships.

Jupiter now has Mars in the last degree of Virgo conjoining and energizing it. Jupiter and Mars together are the quintessential warrior. This is especially true now, with Mars in Virgo, the sign of military services. Mercury and Ceres, also in Virgo, are backing up Mars and Jupiter. Again, I believe that working on the huge dark issue of torture, most of it still under cover, will be a major theme for the year. Add to that securing U.S. investments in Iraq.

In the Jupiter ingress chart set for Washington, willful and unpredictable Uranus is at the top of the chart, spreading its vibes over the nation as we welcome Jupiter into Libra. Transiting Sun and Jupiter both conjoin the midheaven of the U.S. natal chart now. This is the place of goals and purpose. We do not have a quiet Jupiter year ahead of us.

In some ways the energy today feels similar to full moon energy. We are building to a climax which includes Moon and Venus, who embody feminine archetypes, and Mars and Jupiter, decidedly masculine gods. Expression is bold.

The skies are active tonight, and so are we likely to be."

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