Monday, August 16, 2004

She Left In The Fall, That's Her Picture On The Wall

Wow, I just love these weird lyrics from the Shrek II soundtrack song. The song is dark and strange with spooky windy music behind it and I love it.

I think it's called "A Little Drop Of Poison" and it's sung by a weird Captain Hook type guy in the bar where the king comes in to make dirty deals in the backroom with Puss in Boots.

You had to see the movie to get what the hell I'm talking about. It's a great movie (way better than Shrek I) and the soundtrack is so weird, dark and dysfunctional, I can't believe it.

Even David Bowie sounds perfectly funky and depraved on the CD. It's the best.

And what a thing to say, to hear a man with a sad gravelly voice tell the story:

"She left in the Fall."

You look over at the guy to see how wrecked he was by some woman leaving him.

And he pauses and he says, "that's her picture on the wall."

And you think, why the hell'd he leave her picture on the wall?

And if that weren't dark enough -- the next song is "I'm strange and you're strange" and then "People Just Ain't No Good."

Whoa! Darkside.