Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Nonfamous People

The quote below seemed to be the only wise and salient statement in this Business Week article about CEO's embracing blogging -- and Jonathan Schwartz's particular embrace of blogging.

No surprise is was from Lawrence Lessig:
"Famous people have enough space to talk already," Lessig says. "[Blogging] is interesting because of nonfamous people."

It doesn't tell the real story of the Sun Microsystems' CEO's use of blogging -- the piece just does some enthusiastic gushing with little consideration of the downsides.

His "going public" about Novell sent a few shockwaves through the community last week. Many people thought it was a remarkably irresponsible way to use a blog -- if it were only an employee blog -- but really a little fast and loose for a CEO. Yankee Group Analyst, Dana Gardner called it "more mischief than management."