Sunday, November 30, 2003

Work-out Sweat

I'm all sweaty from working out and I feel ... SO .... GOOD. And once again, I nearly talked myself out of working out, feeling lazy and pathetic and thinking of a million reasons I really didn't want to work out. Glad I didn't listen to myself.

Today I had good strength and luck with my lower half, but my arms felt so weak and flimsy. It's odd how one day you're all biceps and another your legs are full of strength and another you're weak as a kitten in all areas.

Sometimes I don't think I rest enough between workouts, but I worry if I rest TOO much I won't bother to work out at all.

I started at 5:05 and was done by 6:15 and best of all, didn't even wake up my son. That's the reason I have to do it so early. If he gets up we have a cartoon war and he talks me out of the last tough abdominals part and into Bugs Bunny.