Sunday, July 13, 2003

Things You Never Think About When You're Well

You should see me hop, crawl and swear around my kitchen. Thing is, my usual meal preparations which are never terribly complicated, are so challenging, by being lame on one foot. Try making a hot cup of tea and then hopping with it into the dining room -- no can do. All my Starbuck's travel car cups are coming in handy this week. Try putting two blueberry english muffins with butter on a plate and hopping them into the living room -- great, there they go, butter-side down onto the rug, of course.

So after a while, you get the message and adapt. Crutches are almost as useless in a house. If you need to carry anything -- you can't do it with crutches which require both hands to be free. Not only do crutches require both hands but they require strong arms -- thank god I lift weights is all I can say. I can't imagine how people in bad shape manage at all. I'm in pretty good shape and this is a heckof a challenge getting around. I even do yoga and have relatively good balance and I keep falling down when I get out of balance.

Bottom line -- I spend a lot of time on my bottom. It's just easier. Dinner the first night took enormous energy to make and transport to the table. Lovely dinner, but was it worth all the work? Dinner the second night -- I sat on the floor in front of the fridge, pulled a few things out, poked through the shelves, ate the four essential food groups -- [easy to reach, easier to reach, easiest to reach and milk from the carton] and made the linoleum my linen tablecloth for the evening.