Thursday, July 17, 2003

RSS Help

I know a lot of folks who know a lot about RSS and only one who gave me this helpful info -- so you know who you are and I send along a big THANKS! It think it should be working now. Talk about Alpha Males -- Tom you rock!

I noticed that after Blogger upgraded things a couple weeks ago that my blog was no longer sending RSS feeds. Looking at your actual web page, I see that you are still posting, but I haven't gotten anything for weeks from you!

If you look at your RSS subscription, that last post it generated was on 7/3/03. So no-one that reads your blog via strictly RSS is getting anything from you right now.

I had to go into my Blogger settings and manually turn the RSS feed back on. For some reason the upgrade turned it off, and I imagine that has happened on yours too.

To fix this, go into your Blogger editing page, click the "settings" tab, then under that page click the "site feed" tab and make sure that "publish RSS" is set to "yes". Make sure you save all your changes before you exit out.

That oughta do it!

I have to get my Halley fix...and it's soooo much work actually going to your page and reading it!!! ;-)
My hero! Hope this came through loud and clear.