Sunday, July 13, 2003

Charlies' Angels II: Full Throttle

You must see it. And don't miss the first scene where the three girls save a kidnapped U.S. Marshall, take on a few hundred Manchurian warriors and quickly kick their asses, as well as drive their armored military vehicle off a bridge, while dodging heat-seeking missles, into a plunging concrete dam and waterway, only to be saved by a helicopter, neatly tucked inside the truck for just such moments, I guess, which they must adroitly land on, while in skidiving free fall after bailing out the windows of the truck . And don't miss the dialogue between the U.S. Marshall [Robert Patrick] they've rescued and Natalie [Cameron Diaz].
U.S. Marshall: "I'm afraid I underestimated you guys."

Natalie: "Yeah," shakes blonde ponytails back and forth, "that happens a lot."

Girlism at its finest. Yes, you can save lives in white thigh-high stockings and a white faux fur mini-parka. Guys, stop underestimating us. Very bad idea.