Tuesday, March 11, 2003

How To Become An Alpha Male -- Lesson 12: The Post-Alpha Male

The Post-Alpha Male should not be confused with Post Alpha-Bits, although both are similarly sweet. Both have a tendency to spell things out and this directness is one of their many virtues.

It’s now clear to me that the Alpha Male is a dinosaur, dragging his hopeless old carcass across a desolate desert and finding no water, no sustenance and is almost history. I worry this may seem shocking, as I’ve entitled this series of essays, “How To Become An Alpha Male in 18 Easy Lessons, “ but after in-depth academic research – actually no research at all – but a lot of shooting the shit with men over beer, wine and the occasional Gatorade, it’s clear that men are evolving into Post-Alpha Males and it’s a terrific improvement over the Alpha Male. It's a big deal, you're just gonna love it.

So the good news is, I’m beginning to define an animal worth becoming. And the bad news is, The Alpha Male is all washed up.

But, truth be told, it wasn’t possible to find this Post-Alpha Male, dust him off and examine him until I got this far down the path..

The Post-Alpha Male if he is anything, is finally sensitive to the needs of others and especially the needs of women. This does not make him pussyfied. Not by a long shot, in fact, it makes him all the more manly.

The Post-Alpha Male has been through hell and back and doesn’t necessarily need to tell you that. His relaxed and calm attitude spell REAL confidence – not the phony con game of the Alpha Male.