Saturday, December 14, 2002

This Weather Is Not Nice

It's just not easy to wear your furry red santa hat in this pummelling rain storm. Looks like someone upstairs is playing with the temperature dial and one second the rain is dumping, next some sharp, pointy, sleet thing is needling you, then chunky ice-snow balls visit your unhappy head, to be washed away my hammering rain again.

Please, guys, I moved here not too long ago from LA where they only had about 3 days of weather a year and every other day they clipped out of a sunny travel brochure and pasted up like a movie backdrop on the Hollywood Hills since nobody was noticing anyway. It's hard to get used to this stuff. And you need a pile of little costumes -- like rain boots and snow boots and crampons for your mountaineering boots -- like one of those Colorforms Miss Weather girls. I long for the good old days -- a Hawaiian shirt, jeans, flip-flops and sunglasses.