Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Shellfish Shellfish Shellfish

So is working out in the morning selfish? It keeps happening. Instead of getting up at 4:30am to get an hour of exercise in before my son is up -- often by 5:30am or so -- I've been sleeping really late , all the way til 5:00am and then the end of my workout slams right into his 7-year-old, "Mom I'm hungry, Mom, I'm bored, Mom, let's play cards." It's hard enough to do abdominal crunches without an audience, but with a kid asking you to play Goldfish, or asking you if he can eat Goldfish and soda for breakfast, you can just get so frustrated you decided to give it up, or if you stick it out and keep exercising, you are treated to a variety of frightening noises in the kitchen all made to sound like he's sawing off one of his limbs and busy practicing his juggling by tossing ten frying pans in the air. Whoops, three just crashed to the ground.