Thursday, December 19, 2002

One Pot Meal Lunch

Great to catch up with Steve Himmer for lunch today. We ate at the Yenching Chinese restaurant in Harvard Square. I don't know what yenching is, but I'm happy to report it is NOT wrenching, but rather relaxing and pretty good. I asked for steamed vegetables and actually GOT steamed vegetables, not some sticky mess of corn starchy sauce and a few over cooked pea pods.

We're cobbling together some strategies for publishing fiction in blogs and called on our mutual friend, Charles Dickens, for inspiration. If he could publish novels in weekly installments, why can't we do it in bloggy installments. Oh, yeah -- he could really write.

We're not bad either -- Steve's getting his MFA in Fiction as we speak and I've got one too -- so maybe we can figure a way to do it. The plot must have chills and spills and should sit on top of a well-planned outlined infrastructure. We think we may have to write the whole thing before publishing -- but blogging is about the OPPOSITE intention. Then we talked about how readers would react if we wrote fresh chapters every few days but then went back and edited them over time. Hmm, better check on how Dickens did it.