Thursday, December 05, 2002

The Name Is Bond ... Jane Bond

Talk about a must see. The new Bond film Babyface is incredible. After all the close encounters between the hero and his antagonist where we still, after 45 minutes, do not know the identity of his foe and Pierce and his evil arch enemy are rappelling down the side of a mountain and he snatches off the hood of his rival saying "Who ARE you?" to find out she's a woman AND that she's a babe -- well, it's pretty hot. And then, of course, she cuts his rope and he barely escapes being crushed but swan dives into a nearby river.

Even better, is this conversation between Moneypenny and James:

Moneypenny: [Hands James surveillance photos of the babe.] Just be careful, you don't know what you might get yourself into. I worry, you're in over your head.

Bond: Don't be foolish. You can see for yourself, she's young enough to be my daughter.

Moneypenny: (turning away, biting her lip, but then reconsidering, takes his wrist) James, she IS your daughter.
And you thought all that he and Moneypenny were doing in the back room was hanging up his coat and checking to see if his revolver were loaded.