Friday, December 13, 2002

Hard One

On a cold morning, he's waking up slowly, feeling good, in a warm cozy room. He wants me to see it. He pulls back the sheets and says, "Look!" I've seen one before -- a hard penis in the early morning light.

But it's my 7-year-old son, so he wants an answer when he says, "what is it, Mom?"

Here we go. I'm telling him about "tickley feelings" and "perfectly normal" and "hoses" doing demonstrations with my forefinger -- up then down. Even at 7 years old, he's no dummy, we're perilously close to the "what do you do with it," and "what's it for" questions.

He turns and looks at me seriously, "Do you think SpongeBob is on or did I miss it?" Off to the bathroom and then to watch TV.
I'm saved. At least for today.